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Group members

Mª Belén Benito Oterino

Position: Director of the Group. Full Professor
Degree: PhD Physics /Graduate Physics
Specialty: Seismic Risk and Hazard

Jorge M. Gaspar Escribano

Position: Professor
Degree: Graduate Physics, PhD Earth Sciences
Specialty: Seismology, Earthquake Engineering

Alejandra Staller Vázquez

Position: Senior lecturer
Degree: PhD Geographical Engineering and Cartography/Engineer in Geodesy and Cartography
Specialty: Geodesy. GNSS. Crustal Deformation.

Sandra Martínez Cuevas

Position: Assistan professor
Degree: Architect / PhD Geographic Engineering and Cartography
Specialty: Urbanism and Territorial Planning, Seismic Vulnerability, Seismic Risk, Natural Disasters, Land and Building Assessment, Spatial Analysis, Creation of GIS space.

Yolanda Torres Fernández

Position: Assistant Professor
Degree: Surveying Engineer; Master in Geodesy Engineering and Cartography; PhD. Student in Geodesy Engineering and Cartography
Specialty: Geo-spatial information management; Earthquake engineering

Ligia Elena Quirós Hernández

Position: External researcher
Degree: PhD Seismic Engineering
Specialty: Soil and structure dynamics

Sandra Ruiz Barajas

Position: PhD student in Geodesic Engineering and Cartograph
Degree: Ing. Téc. en Topografía, Máster en Ing. Geodésica y Cartografía
Specialty: SIG. Peligrosidad Sísmica

Rocío Romero Jarén

Position: PhD student in Geodesic Engineering and Cartograph
Degree: Master Geotechnical Engineering and Seismic Engineering
Specialty: Geographic information systems; Hazard and seismic risk.

Pouye Yazdi

Position: PhD Candidate in Geomatics Engineering
Degree: Master of Science in Geophysics - Seismology
Specialty: Geophysicist, seismologist

Eduardo Meyers

Position: PhD student in Geomatics Engineering
Degree: Master in Disaster Management
Specialty: Natural disasters, Urban resilience, Vulnerability, Urbanism

Paulina Sandoval

Position: Student Master in Disaster Management
Degree: Architect
Specialty: Urbanism, Natural disasters, Urban resilience

Ana Isabel Maeso

Degree: Master in Disaster Management
Specialty: SIG, Seismic hazard, Geological risks.

Maribel Jiménez Martínez

Position: Research Support technician
Degree: PhD Economics